Don't Ask for Online Reviews In-Office

Think twice before you collect a review at point of sale

Posted by Admin on30 July 2016

Never ask for more than a few customers to review your business at the point of sale

Almost all major 3rd party review sites (like Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp) explicitly forbid collecting/soliciting reviews at the point of sale. It isn't just against the terms of service, these sites can tell when reviews have been coming from the same location with the same IP address.

What are the consequences?

Review website software will easily detect this activity. The best thing that can happen is that the reviews will not be published. The reviews will be 'ghosted' and never be seen by anyone except for the reviewer. The worst thing that can happen is that the review site publically labels your business as "engaging in suspicious activities."

What we can do

We can set up a review collection page for point of sale review collection. However, the review will be collected internally. The customer who leaves the review will receive an email containing their review with a request to copy and paste this review into the review websites that the seller selected.

Our Solutions

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