10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to be on Every Review Site

Why you need to look good on more than just 1 review website!

Posted by Admin on29 July 2016

There are hundreds of online review sites

It seems like every day another 3rd party review website shows up. In today's digital age, every industry has numerous review websites that are dedicated to that niche. Not to mention, Google Reviews are available for every single industry and there are many review websites that cover a broad range of niches -- Angies List, TripAdvisor, YP.com, Yelp.com, and more.

Review distribution

Many companies find it extremely time consuming to monitor every review website that has listed their company. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to encourage clients to leave positive reviews. Other companies don't spend any time monitoring these websites. Not only is it important to have 5-star ratings, it is important to have high ratings on ALL of these websites!

Here are just a few popular review websites:

Just a few popular review websites

Here are 10 reasons why you need reviews on EVERY review website

  1. Consumers glance at more than 1 review website, and Google searches for a brand or company almost always feature several review sites on the very first page. Having multiple sites with 5-star averages validates your business. You no longer look like a 1-hit wonder on Yelp! because your TripAdvisor rating is non-existent. Having multiple review sites showing up with 5-star averages can make those bad TripAdvisor ratings look like exceptions.

  2. More review stars will show up when potential customers search for your name/brand/company. Plenty of people might not even click on the review site, but they will still notice the stars by the link. Good overall ratings result in consumers knowing that you have consistently solid reviews.

  3. If you are using one of Broadstone's solutions you'll know that not everyone uses Google Reviews, or Yelp, or BBB, or Zillow, or Avvo, or Healthgrades. When you have multiple options for reviews, you'll end up getting additional reviews because that strange customer who only leaves reviews for the BBB will have an avenue to praise you.

  4. If you are into social proof, you'll be able to add additional banners and badges to your website by the new review sites.

  5. Every review website gets traffic on its own. For instance, Alexa.com reports that YP.com ranks within the top 5,000 websites in the United States. The takeaway is that the better reviews you get on each site, the better you rank within that site. If you rank at the top of a review website, you'll get new customers and page views! Plus, we already know that review websites rank well in Google -- so you'll get more Google traffic too.

  6. The small "easy" review sites many people ignore can actually help your company's Google rankings.

  7. There is a good chance that one of those 'little review sites' could experience explosive growth in the future. You want to be established before the bandwagon gets on!

  8. In very rare occasions, the alternative to focusing on a broad range of review sites might mean that you aren't getting any results at all.

  9. You can never predict what your customers are going to value. For example, some customers might only care about your BBB ratings. While another client might only care that their doctor is getting good reviews from Google Reviews. Other people with paid membership to Angie's list might care about your Angie's list rating more than Google Reviews.

  10. The WOW factor! Your WOW factor will increase when a customer researches you and discovers how many high ratings you have. What could be more assuring than 10 results on the first page of Google assuring you that the business/person you're researching is highly trusted, has excellent reviews, and is well-known?

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