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Research Shows Online Reviews Are The Best Form Of Digital Advertisement

Nielsen studies have consistently shown that online reviews and recommendations are the two most credible form of advertising. Recommendations from friends are the most credible form of any advertising. Online reviews from recognized 'branded' review websites are the second highest rated form of any advertisement.

Online reviews are the second most trusted form of any advertisement -- second only to an in-person recommendation from a friend.

The research doesn't stop there. A study by BrightLocal found that 88% of people trust digital reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend. Moz research found that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. MarketingLand's research found that this number was drastically higher at 90%. Over the past decade Nielsen has consistently reported an upwards trend in trusting online reviews and digital style word-of-mouth. Search Engine Land and BrightLocal state that 85% of people read more than 10 reviews (when available). 72% of customer’s state that a local business with positive reviews inspires trust. Almost all consumers are doing some type of research before they buy or walk into an office. Online review sites rank very well in Google search algorithms because they are both useful to consumers and they often have fresh new content. It’s no wonder that consumers are constantly reading their reviews. And consumers don't just expect to find review -- they expect to find reviews no older than 6 months.

Sources: Nielsen 2013, Nielsen 2015, 2012 - User Generated Content vs. Ads, Global Trust in Advertisers, BrightLocal, Nielsen Trust, Moz, MarketingLand and SearchEngineLand, Content Science

What does this mean?

The takeaway is that an absurdly large number of people conduct some type of research before they make all of their buying decisions. In their research, the overwhelming majority of people are influenced by the online reviews they have read. These studies don't just emphasize the importance of having 5-star online reviews. These studies stress the importance of facilitating a steady stream of new online reviews. These studies make it clear that when several businesses are compared side-by-side online, the consumer can easily see which business has a higher 5-star rating. Picking the business with the best online reviews then becomes the most logical decision.

But I already have plenty of testimonials

Many companies are still collecting digital reviews in the form of 'testimonials' they post on their websites. Unfortunately, these have almost no credibility anymore. Consumers realize that a company can easily 1) only ask happy customers for testimonials 2) forge fake testimonials for their website. The review sites that the studies above mention are 3rd party review websites -- completely separate from the companies they are reviewing. They have zero incentive to manipulate reviews.

Can't someone just 'fake' reviews on these websites?

This is a very bad idea. You don't even want to ask for reviews at point of sale because these websites have very good built-in spam and fake review detection. They monitor IP locations and accounts. If you decide to manipulate a review site like Yelp there is almost a 100% chance your fake reviews will not only be removed, but your business will be labeled as "Engaging in suspicious activities."

But all of my patients tell me they are happy

Wonderful! The only problem is that only you know this unless your patients are 1) spreading your name through word of mouth 2) leaving online reviews. People often spread advice through word-of-mouth. However, the reach of word-of-mouth is shrinking. Internet reviews reach every single consumer who has a smart phone or a computer. If you have happy clients, you need a platform to turn them into your best promoters!

Online Review Management

This is where we come in. We offer a customizable and powerful review management service. What follows are the technical specifications of our service.


  1. We will take your happy customers and turn them into online reviewers on the sites that matter to you
  2. Turn happy reviews into great SEO friendly content and automated social media updates
  3. Prevent negative reviews by recovering unhappy customers before they complain online
  4. Monitor your customer's reviews everywhere
  5. Positive review sites about your business will begin to rank on the 1st page of Google

Want to get new positive online reviews for your business? Need to bury inaccurate negative reviews? Is Ripoff Report showing up on the 1st page of Google? Give us a call at 828-400-5178 today. Stand out from the competition.

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Not sure that you need review management?

There are two articles about review management that we think are helpful. The first article explains the value of online reviews and the second article explains the benefits of having your websites listed on every review website (as long as you have accompanying good reviews).

Here are additional technical specifications and details about the features our service provides:

Review Acquisition

The hallmark feature of our service is providing an influx of new positive, consumer generated reviews.

  • The hallmark feature of our service is providing an influx of new positive, consumer generated reviews.
  • We collect reviews with fully customized landing pages / website
  • We create a review widget that can be embedded into email signatures and websites
  • Our review system immediately separates happy clients from unhappy clients
  • Full mobile and tablet friendly design
  • Positive reviews are generated on any review site (Google, Yelp, BBB, Facebook, etc.) rather than internally
  • We can target major, minor and industry-specific review sites
  • The system clearly directs customers with easy instructions and conversion triggers
  • We work with the client to promote the review sites that matter the most to their business

Review Request Campaigns

These are the different ways that we reach your clients and send them into our review acquisition pages.

  • Customized email content, timing and sequence
  • Automated sending, follow-ups, removal
  • Compliant "kiosk mode" for collecting reviews on location
  • Shareable review request and opt-in form
  • SMS messaging
  • Printed review cards/invites for offline review acquisition
  • Email signatures that extend the call-to-action

Review Monitoring/Aggregation

We will monitor and compile all of the new review data! These are some of the features involved.

  • Monitoring third-party review sites for new reviews
  • Instant alerts are sent when new reviews are published
    • Alerts include review info and link for response
  • Comprehensively monitors all reviews and review sites
  • Monitors major, minor and industry-specific sites

Review Marketing

Now that you are starting to get new 5-star results, we offer easy ways to auto share and market the results. 3rd party reviews are the most trusted form of online advertisement.

  • Auto-share positive reviews to social media
  • Auto-publish positive reviews to your website
  • Embeddable aggregate rating with rich-snippet markup
  • Available as copy-and-paste embed code
  • Available as a Wordpress plugin and Joomla module
  • Includes reviews gathered from around the Web
  • Custom criteria and control over review re-publishing

Review Reporting

Once everything has been set up and running, we provide regular reporting. Reports include statistics and the recent performance / trends. All clients get priority email and phone support. All minor changes and setting updates are included in the support.

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