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We don't just build websites for life coaches. We create their very own brand.

You need to stand out with a beautiful website

Life coaching is becoming a more and more popular career path, especially for experienced professionals. While certifications certainly help new coaches stand out from some of the competition, a website is the most important aspect of your online presence. As a life coach, you now represent your own brand. And you need a website that doesn't simply display your information, but presents it in a way that distinguishes you as a true professional. A custom website enhances your online reputation and brings in new clients.

You are a professional life coach, not a programmer

Life coaches can't be expected to build and host their own websites. There are 'user-friendly' websites that allow anyone to build a custom website. However, these sites offer themes that are commonly used, limited design and functionality options, and are time consuming. Many life coaches waste massive amounts of time trying to configure their own website. Not only can it be challenging, it can be discouraging.

Should my coaching business be my name or a brand?

This is one of the most common questions that life coaches ask when they are first getting started. The answer is that either way you are now a brand. Plenty of life coaches want their website to be located at while others prefer to create a specific company/brand name. The truth is that both options will result in a 'brand name.' Deciding can be complicated and we offer branding consultation to all our clients before proceeding. What are some of the factors that go into a decision? There are many factors, but here are a few. If your name is difficult to spell, or very long, its often better to go with a memorable brand name. This way word-of-mouth traffic will have a better success rate of finding you when they type in your website. Many names are already taken and the .COM extension is no longer available. The .COM extension is the recommended extension for life coaches, so we usually suggest going with a brand. If your name is popular it can be harder to rank in Google for your name, even if you own the .COM domain name. Sometimes there are unsavory results in Google from people with your same name. If these results are very common, it is sometimes a better idea to create a brand name. If this is the case, you may also be interested in our online reputation management services. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a unique brand name. Luckily we have a portfolio of life coaching domain names that we registered specifically for new life coaches.

Our Solutions

We have experience working with life coaches and business coaches. We provide full scale digital marketing solutions. This means we provide branding, website design, website hosting, internet marketing, SEO, and website management services. Visit our contact page or call us at (828) 400-5178 and we can get started.

What sets us apart

We consult every client over the phone or in person (if you're located near Charlotte, NC). We want to build a relationship with you before we build your website.

All of our websites are designed with your feedback and requests in mind. We will take care of everything and provide you support along the way. Once your website is built we will keep it alive and running on our servers. If you want to take your website to the next level, we will discuss our SEO and internet marketing solutions.

Every service is uniquely priced based on the details the life coach provides. We build custom websites specifically for life coaches.